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One Friday In Jerusalem - Ebook
  • One Friday In Jerusalem - Ebook

One Friday In Jerusalem - Ebook


One Friday in Jerusalem puts you in the sandals of Jesus as He bore His cross the brutal half mile to Calvary. Contemplate the sweat, the smells, the swelling crowds, the bark of soldiers, and the agonizing realities of crucifixion. And hear why each station of the cross is so meaningful to Andre, a minority among minorities in an ethnically sundered land.


Providing unique Middle Eastern glimpses into the Bible, One Friday in Jerusalem is a tour book packed with historical, cultural, geographical, archaeological, and spiritual insights. It is a gripping reflection on the passion of Jesus. And it is the remarkable, true stories of a man who knows intimately the sorrows and struggles of the Via Dolorosa - and the joy, hope, and life-changing power of the risen Christ.


**You will get a link to download the item once the purchase is complete. Some computers may flag the files as a virus simply because it is a .zip file, but the file is safe to download.

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