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Crossing The Hidden Bridge - Ebook
  • Crossing The Hidden Bridge - Ebook

Crossing The Hidden Bridge - Ebook


This book is written for those who are interested to learn more about the Holy Land experience and to have a deeper contemporary look at the challenging issues of this land.

Also, the book will help you to understand more of what it is like for Christians to be living in Israel. How do we the Christians of the Holyland: this hidden bridge contribute to the conflict? And what is our connection to the Bible as well?

This new Holyland guide invites readers to discover the hidden bridge—Christians of the Holyland. Although their presence has been hidden by a century of conflict, they have something profound to teach us. The journey combines Biblical insights with reflections on the contemporary hopes and challenges of Christians living in different parts of Israel and Palestine, along with personal stories from the author woven throughout.


What does it look like to live faithfully to Christ in such contested land? That question drives the story forward. The journey begins on an afternoon stroll in the wilderness of Mount Carmel and the discovery of something hidden in the distance!

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