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What You Need to Know to Visit Israel

This is a free course where I'll teach you what you need to know before traveling to Israel during Covid regulations.


Meet Your Instructor

Andre Mourbarak

Andre Moubarak

Andre Moubarak is the owner and founder of Twins Tours & Travel Ltd. in Israel. Born into a Christian family along the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem’s Christian Quarter, Andre is a licensed tour guide and an ordained minister, leading numerous groups through the Holy Land each year and teaching them about the Aramaic/Jewish roots of Jesus.

The first video of this course is free, you can buy this course to see all the videos.


During the covid time we had groups and it was very tough everyone have to be tyested before arrival and before departure from israel, but it was the best time to travel because the country was not crowded at all. This video will teach you about how was the situation during covid ttime.


Travel to Israel Part I


Travel to Israel Part II
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