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Jesus through Middle Eastern Eyes

The Subject of the seminar is"Jesus Through the Middle Eastern Eyes" and will be presented in 4 separate webinars


Meet Your Instructor

Andre Mourbarak

Andre Moubarak

Andre Moubarak is the owner and founder of Twins Tours & Travel Ltd. in Israel. Born into a Christian family along the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem’s Christian Quarter, Andre is a licensed tour guide and an ordained minister, leading numerous groups through the Holy Land each year and teaching them about the Aramaic/Jewish roots of Jesus.

The first video of this course is free, you can buy this course to see all the videos.


We all now that jesus is not blonde her blue eyes western European looking? We can see that in the Hollywood films for the last 50 years they are doing their best to show Jesus in his proper cultural context maybe you seen the passion of christ and heard the Aramaic language. also you seen the chosen too


American see him as blue eyes,  Ethiopian see him as black man, byzantine period as a grand emperor,  in middle ages crusaders see him as the crucifixion image the defeated victim on the cross.


19 the century 20th as enlightened successful middle class person

today as picture from 3rd world country as a liberator bring us freedom of Christian movement


we will learn together about the real image of Christ: Context - Culture - Custom




Understanding Historical Jesus - The Birth of Christ


The Language of Jesus - Context


Jesus as a man - Customs


Jesus as a Rabbai - Culture


Sermon on the Mount - Part I


Sermon on the Mount - Part II
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