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Idioms of the Bible

The Bible is full of idioms and expressions, but we don’t always think about the origins of those phrases. Take a look at these Bible idioms with Tony and Andre and see how your life can change when you start to understand the Jewish Aramaic culture of the first century.


Meet Your Instructor

Tony Moubarak

Tony Moubarak

I am a licensed Christian Arab Israeli tour guide. I was born in Jerusalem in 1975 and love this city more than any other place in the world, which is why I chose to become a guide in this ancient land. Moreover, I enjoy sharing my love and knowledge of this unique country as a tour guide with a great passion.

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For example, when a man says to Jesus, "let me bury my father," this expression means, "Let me first take care of my father until he dies." Traditionally, scholars assumed that this man's father was dead and that Jesus was not interested in his burial.

Idioms in the Bible Explained and a Key to the Original Gospels goes far in correcting such errors that have crept into Biblical scholarship. Obscure and difficult passages from both Old and New Testaments are listed and compared with the King James version.

Tony and Andre always will help you to make clear the original meaning of such ancient idioms and assure that your grasp of the biblical idioms is more sound and rewarding.

Andre & Tony who was raised speaking Aramaic in the Maronite Aramaic speaking community in Jerusalem. The Maronites followed customs largely unchanged since the times of Christ, The Twins offers fresh, accurate translations of important idioms, metaphors, and figures of speech found in the Scripture--and provides clear explanations of their meaning of biblical context.


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