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History of the Holy Land

5 Lessons about the history of the Holy Land


Meet Your Instructor

Tony Moubarak

Tony Moubarak

I am a licensed Christian Arab Israeli tour guide. I was born in Jerusalem in 1975 and love this city more than any other place in the world, which is why I chose to become a guide in this ancient land. Moreover, I enjoy sharing my love and knowledge of this unique country as a tour guide with a great passion.

The first video of this course is free, you can buy this course to see all the videos.


Learn about the Historical Events of the Holy Land a Webinar of 6 Lessons

Lesson 1. A General Introduction

Lesson 2. The Ottam Empire (1517 - 1917) and the rise of Zionism

Lesson 3. The British Mandate (1917 - 1948)

Lesson 4. The Israel Jordanian Period (1948 b- 1967)

Lesson 5. Israel Period


Lesson 1 - History of the Holy Land - Introduction


Lesson 2 - The Ottoman Period (1517 - 1917)