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Andre's Signature Tour in Israel 10 Days 9 Nights - Coming Soon

Follow the footsteps of Jesus from birth to resurrection in a chronological order in the land of the Bible.


Meet Your Instructor

Andre Mourbarak

Andre Moubarak

Andre Moubarak is the owner and founder of Twins Tours & Travel Ltd. in Israel. Born into a Christian family along the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem’s Christian Quarter, Andre is a licensed tour guide and an ordained minister, leading numerous groups through the Holy Land each year and teaching them about the Aramaic/Jewish roots of Jesus.

The first video of this course is free, you can buy this course to see all the videos.


Guide to Money Matters

Guide to Money Matters in Israel
Download PDF • 2.96MB

Procedures and information upon arrival to israel

TLV Ben Gurion Airport Arrivals Procedures
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November 11 - 20, 2023

The Program Walking the Land 10 Days and 9 Nights Tour From Birth to Resurrection

Day 1 – Arrival in Israel

  • Group flight arrives in Israel at Ben Gurion Airport (TLV)

  • Twins Tours guide and driver meet group in airport arrival terminal

  • Drive to Bethlehem (one hour)

  • Check into the Bethlehem hotel for two nights

Dinner and stay overnight at the Bethlehem hotel

Day 2 – Bethlehem Theme: The Birth of Jesus

  • Herodion National Park – The discovery of Tomb of Herod

  • The Shepherd’s Fields – The Angels appearing to the Shepherd’s

· Bethlehem and the Church of Nativity – A Messiah Is Born

Dinner and stay overnight at the Bethlehem hotel

Day 3 – Jordan River Theme: Ministry of John the Baptist

  • John the Baptizer – in the spirit of the prophet Elijah

  • Jericho – The City of Palms

  • Qumran – The home of Dead Sea Scrolls

  • Baptismal Site Qaser Elyhoud – Bethany beyond the Jordan

  • Jordan Valley – Descending through the Syrian-African Great Rift

  • Check into the hotel in Nazareth for two nights

Dinner and stay overnight in Nazareth

Day 4 – Nazareth Theme: The Word Became Flesh and Dwelled Among Us (Jesus as a Man)

  • Kfar Cana – Jesus’ first miracle of turning the water into wine

  • The Annunciation Church – Where the Word became flesh

  • Nazareth Village – A delightful recreation of a Galilean Jewish village in the time of Jesus and illustrating the parables

  • Mt. Precipice – Rejection of Jesus by His hometown

Dinner and overnight stay Nazareth

Day 5 – Sea of Galilee Theme: Kingdom of Heaven, Becoming a Disciple of Jesus

  • Mt. of Beatitudes – Teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven

  • Primacy of St. Peter – Tabgha, where Jesus had breakfast with the disciples

  • Capernaum – Jesus’ headquarters during His earthly ministry

  • Lunch at St. Peter’s Fish

  • Boat Museum – Learn about the discovery of the ancient boat

  • Boat Ride – Enjoy sailing on the sea of galilee

  • Migdal – visit the 1st century AD synagogue in the hometown of Mary Magdalene

  • Valley of the Doves – A short walk along the Jesus Trail

· Check into the Kibbutz hotel near the Sea of Galilee for two nights

Dinner and stay overnight in Kibbutz Day 6 – The Golan Heights Theme: The Roman Empire

  • Mt. Bental – Overlooking the Syrian boarder

  • Tel Dan – The fortress and altar of the tribe of Dan

  • Caesarea Philippi – The Roman temple dedicated to the god Pan

  • Dado Observation point – Overlooking the Lebanese border

Dinner and stay overnight in Kibbutz Day 7 – Light to the Nations Theme: The Gentile Pentecost

  • Tel Megiddo – The mountain fortress and the site of Revelation’s Armageddon

  • Mt. Carmel – Elijah versus the priests of Baal

  • Lunch Druze Village

  • Caesarea Maritima – Home of Cornelius, the God-fearing Gentile and Simon Peter’s message

  • Visit the water aqueduct along the beach of the Mediterranean

  • Jaffa

  • Drive up to Jerusalem and check into the hotel for three nights

Dinner and stay overnight in Jerusalem

Day 8 – In the Steps of Jesus Theme: The Crucifixion, Death, Burial and Resurrection

  • Mount of Olives – Overlook and Palm Sunday Route

  • Dominus Flevit Church – Where Jesus wept over Jerusalem

  • Garden of Gethsemane – Church of Agony

  • Cross the Kidron Valley to the Lions Gate

  • Mt. Zion Cenacle and Upper Room

  • Upper room

Dinner and stay overnight in Jerusalem Day 9 – The City of the Kings Theme: God Establishes His Temple in Jerusalem

  • Dome of the Rock – Islamic shrine located in the Old City of Jerusalem

  • Pools of Bethesda – Where Jesus healed a paralytic

  • Garden Tomb – Alternative site of Calvary and Golgotha

  • Davidson Center – The Southern Steps, Pentecost

  • The Western Wall – The most religious site in the world for the Jewish people

Day 10 – Last Day in Israel

  • Late Morning Checkout from Hotel

  • The Road to Emmaus – Jesus appears to the two disciples

  • Tel Azeka and the Elah Valley – David Vs Goliath

  • Farewell Dinner

  • Drive to Airport


Andre's Signature Tour - Introduction


Day 01 - Arrival in Israel


Day 02 - Herodion National Park


Day 02 - The Shepherd's Fields


Day 02 - The Nativity Church


Day 03 - Tel Jericho


Day 03 - Qumran


Day 03 - Qaser Elyahud


Day 03 - Ein Gedi


Day 03 - Masada - Part I


Day 03 - Masada - Part II
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